Our list of printing units

Pre Press machines

  • Kodak Trendsetter
  • Macintosh Systems and Printers
  • Plate Burners
  • Kodak Digital Proofer

Sheet Fed Offset Press machines

  • 4 col CPC KBA PLANATA Rapida
  • 4 col CPC MITSUBISHI D-3000 S-4
  • 4 col KOMORI Super-10
  • 2 col P24-3
  • 1 col PEO-4-1

Web Fed Offset Press

  • 1+1 col Orient Web Offset Press

Post Press

  • Film Laminators
  • Rulers and Greasers
  • UV Coolers and Dryers
  • Screen Printing Systems

Binding and Finishing

  • Gathering - Muller Martini 201
  • Perfect - Muller Martini Panda Line
  • Saddle Stitching - Muller Martini 1509series
  • Section Sewing - Alfa Sewing
  • Two Alfa Pinning machines
  • Two Wire-o-Closure machines
  • Two MBO machines
  • Champion

Guillotine and Packing

  • Itoh - 2
  • Nagai
  • Belt Wrapping
  • Shrink Wrapping

We are famous for charming performance and maintenance of Sheet Fed Offset Printing machines. We have 3 best in class 4 colour CPC machines (1 Mitsubishi Diamond, 1 KBA Rapida and Komori Super10). In addition to that, we have single and double colour machines. Our employees and machines provide first class quality printing service.

Our single colour Web offset priniting press enables us to quickly print high volumes of books and magazines in ease.

We have Perfect Binding and Saddle Stitcher binding machines to give complete life to books and magazines. We have 3 high speed folding machines